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Wichard Stainless Steel Self-Locking Twisted Shackle - All Sizes

Dropped Forged Self-locking Twisted Shackles

Self-locking standard pin shackles 'patented'

At the thumb screw end, the elasticity of the shackle's body locks the pin’s position into one or other of its small indentations. There is no need to worry about it accidentally coming loose due to vibrations.

Key Features

  • Self-locking Twisted shackle forged in grade 316L stainless steel
  • The pin is locked into one of the indentations
  • No risks of loose due to vibrations
  • Outstanding working and breaking loads
  • Standard applications of shackle
  • Attachment applications: blocks, head …
  • Grade 316L stainless steel

Dimensions & Break Loads

  • See attached image


  • Self Locking Twisted Shackle 5mm Pin
  • Self Locking Twisted Shackle 6mm Pin
  • Self Locking Twisted Shackle 8mm Pin
  • Self Locking Twisted Shackle 10mm Pin

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