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Lets start thinking about things

OK everyone, for many it is time to start thinking about the boat and the road to the new season prep.

Apart from the general maintenance and boat preparation we are finding that many are thinking about the bits that you know need sorting out properly in the form of those headache jobs - new electronics, toilet changes, new clutches, rope and rigging updates - the list goes on. Certainly most of the chat and orders we are receiving (with a large slice of technical support) has been around all of these areas. Yes we are ordering in the antifoul and all of the cleaning kit - but we do think this is a great time to consider those bigger items - it is still a good time to buy and availability is pretty good.

For most of you your boat is out of the water so the focus has to be on the hull quite naturally, anodes, skins, props, and bow thrusters (we have some superb offers on those at present) and many of the other items can be done in the water - however this is a good time to do the research and get orders underway for the other items.

One really important thing to do is to run through all of your safety kit. How many times do we only review the equipment just before we leave the mooring - checked the Co2 bottle? Do you know how? Look for any signs of corrosion (replace the bottle) and check the date on the auto re-arm. Ideally you should (on older jackets) set them off in the comfort of your own home and leave them overnight to make sure they are holding the inflation - yes you will have to buy new bottles but hey - what price safety and confidence?

The liferaft, flares, safety lines etc - all good?

Clothing. Think back to last season - did you have the right gear or hanker after something else maybe less bulky, warmer, cooler? Personally I just like to be really comfortable and tend to wear a set of salopettes and a fleece lined blouson (check out the ones on the site - £49.50 a bit thinner but tremendous) on the colder days putting on a full wet jacket when required. On other days the addition of a Gillet (especially the buoyancy ones we have) is just enough to add that bit of warmth. The point is that this is a great time to buy and should you require personalisation of your kit swell then we can arrange.

Another important area if have kept the Boat in the Water during these late season months are your Mooring Ropes as the Weather can start changing dramatically, and they will be tested to the extreme. A lot of people have inadequate Mooring Lines this can result in damage to your, or someone else’s boat. We have some very clever solutions in this area and with a little bit of investment and education it is far cheaper than a lift out and repair.


Fenders need maintaining also. We see so many boats with a vast range of shapes and sizes – often far too many, dirty and quite frankly not doing the job. This is a good time to sort this all out.

Seacocks will need checking and in some cases re-greasing. A lot you can take to pieces. If it’s a brand like Blakes they have there own grease, also check for signs of corrosion and ease of use especially with Lever Type.

Make sure the engine has the correct Coolant, sometimes it may need to be changed if the Boat is being laid up. Check in the Users Instructions once again and if unsure contact the Engine Manufactures Service Agent.

If you have a Diesel or Petrol Tank and haven't done already it will would be worth adding some Laying up additive to help prevent all the issues you can get with Fuels if they aren’t being used for sometime, we offer a good selection of these.


Check all hoses to make sure there are no cracks or leaks especially on the Engine as these are normally made from Rubber, which over a time perishes. Also if you have Gas on Board check the hoses by the Bottle and Cooker as once again they are made from Rubber, they are also dated so make sure they are in date, failure to comply may invalidate your Insurance. Once again if you are unsure speak to your Boatyard or a Gas Safe Engineer.

Check, if you have a Yacht, the Rigging for signs of wear and damage, a lot of Insurance companies insist that you replace the Standing Rigging after a number of Seasons. Plastic covered Guardrail Wire can sometime be made with Galvanized Wire if you see any signs of rust get it looked at as it may be damaged, I would always recommend using Stainless Steel. If you have Webbing Jackstays remove them and inspect for signs of wear and give them a clean as they can get very slippery. Contact us if you would like a quote on anything in this section we have fully insured Riggers working for us.

We have our own Mobile Technicians available for all types of Work (Location Limitations) so we can be your One Stop Store for all your Marine Requirements.

If you have any other queries no matter how daft, or a view on which product is better than another just give us a call and we will either give you the answer or find it out for you.

Don’t work too hard but then understand the benefits you will get by doing the work now and not running around on that sunny day around Easter wishing you had. Remember if you need any advice, just give us a call.

See you on the Water – The Wetworks

Mick Hill
Mick Hill