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METS Marine Trade Show Amsterdam November 15th - 17th

Well that was exhausting, the things we do for our customers. Both Mick & myself are exhausted trudging the Rai Exhibition Halls looking for new and exciting products that we hope to make available for sale as soon is humanly possible.

The star of the show we felt was the "Sea Tag" which is a wristband worn super cool Man Overboard Device, and yes we know that this is yet another MOB but the major difference is it has no buttons to accidentally press. It 'Bluetooths" to your mobile via an App and once it has been activated it will show the Latitude/Longtitude and Course to Steer. Its that simple. We will get this product on the website as soon as we get confirmed price and availability. Watch this space.

Other items that we liked were the Rotating Dinghy Davit, ideal for all Boats that want to store there Inflatable Dinghy but space etc limits. This product won't disappoint. The Ecoblast Pro, most of you may have the standard pumped Ecoblast, but for those who might want something louder well this will do the job. the very cool WoW SounD Waterproof Music Speaker system, 360°Sound with  4 x 50mm Speakers, Bluetooth, 360° LED Light, fits in most cup holders, 50 + Hours plus playtime.  Will float with supplied speaker float, Orange colour.

So keep a look out on our Front Banner Page for these products, as usual rely on the Wetworks to get these products to you first.

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Dave Somers
Dave Somers