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Summer SUP'ing

I know, I know, what summer? Look - you've got to grab it when you can and I am certain that it will turn out to be one of those late summers that runs out into October  - glorious!

This image is of one of myself (somewhat larger silhouette) and my gorgeous good lady out for an evening paddle on the River Crouch in Essex.

As you can see there was a small breeze, however the boards performed really well, not being difficult to control at all. My better half is seen here on the Aquamarine Vapour board which is the four inch thick board, built for the lighter person. She found it had great manoeuvrability and some great pace. Given that this is an entry level board (tremendous value for a fully inclusive kit at £350) it is a superb option.

A young family has just bought one recently and it was a joy to see them out - mum, dad, the two kids and even grandad all having a go but most importantly a heap of fun.

The interest in this sport (and kayaking) is growing very quickly and already we have people asking for higher grade kit. Check out the new Jobe boards and equipment we now have in - more expensive but gorgeous!

We will help you buy right making sure you get the right size and style for your uses. We will walk through the whole process and give you some basic instruction before you start. We will also make sure you have all of the right safety kit and clothing (this being more important than you initially think). A lot of our customers want flexibility to use the boards for fitness, for fun, for surfing and for some serious paddling - we will help you identify the right route.

As we have always said, our purpose is to simply get people out on the water, in anyway we can. It has always been such a shame to us that for a nation with so much water in and around us, how so many people have not experienced it. Buying a boat can be expensive and even getting the opportunity to go on someone else's is difficult sometimes - however to try it, see if you like it and then get into boating later - what a fantastic and inexpensive way of getting out there.

We are learning so much from our customers and love passing on their knowledge and experience. Come and see us sometime and have a look at all of the weird and wonderful ways we have at The Wetworks to get you on the water and to enjoy to the full.

Come on, lets get wet - simply grab the sunshine of fun and spirit that lives inside you!

See you on the Water!

Mick Hill
Mick Hill