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Vetus Ultrasonic Tank Level Sensor - Analogue

The VETUS ultrasonic level sensor is contactless and will measure the fluid level in type of non-metallic tank. It is suitable for use with: petrol, diesel fuel, drinking water, black and grey waste water. 

After installation, the sensor can be calibrated very easily with the aid of a LED and a calibration wire; no other equipment is required. 

The sensor may be installed in any type of non-metallic tank, regardless of its dimensions, but with a maximum depth of 80 cms. 

The sensor may be connected to all standard VETUS analogue level indicators and also to the VETUS waste water control panel (WWCP).

Techy Bits
  • Voltage: 12 and 24 Volt D.C.
  • Current consumption: 4 mA
  • Interface: Analogue
  • Tank depth: 80 cm
  • Accuracy : + / - 5%
  • Temperature range: - 20 to + 70° C.
  • Flange: SAE 5
Please note: when upgrading from any of our universal or adjustable arm sensors, an addition live feed will need to be provided - ideally from the instrument. Sensor should be

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