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Vetus Universal Water - Fuel Tank Sensor - All Sizes

Vetus Universal Tank float sensor for drinking water, petrol and diesel fuel. . 

Every 2,5 centimetres the VETUS universal tank float indicates the difference in fluid level. Just compare this with other systems which can only show 3 positions (full - about half full - empty).

Each tube length contains the maximum number of reed contacts, instead of the bare minimum of just three (full, half full, empty). By virtue of this, maximum accuracy of your fluid gauges is insured. Besides, the reed contacts (electronic switches) are sealed “fluid-tight”.

Please note; this sensor will only correctly operate a Vetus Instrument (or any using the European scale of 300Ω empty, 0-30Ω Full).


  • Water-Fuel Tank Sensor 280mm
  • Water-Fuel Tank Sensor 320mm
  • Water-Fuel Tank Sensor 380mm
  • Water-Fuel Tank Sensor 480mm
  • Water-Fuel Tank Sensor 580mm
  • Water-Fuel Tank Sensor 680mm
  • Water-Fuel Tank sensor 780mm

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