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Vetus Waste Water System Control Panel 12v/24v

This waste water control panel provides total management of the holding tank system. It indicates the contents level in the tank and controls the pump out, either automatically or manually. The panel is connected to a VETUS level sensor in the tank. It then indicates by means of LEDs, when the tank is 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% full. When the tank is completely full, the LED will flash.
The control panel has a security lock, which prevents the pump from being activated accidentally or without permission. Once the correct code is entered, the pump can be operated fully automatically or with manual override. If the “auto” function is selected, the pump will discharge the tank automatically once it is completely full. A switched outlet on the panel can also be connected to a relay in the toilet control circuit. Therefore, if the tank is full and remains full, it is possible to prevent the toilet from being flushed further.
The panel can also be connected to a remotely controlled ball valve which will open before the pump starts. In this case a LED indicates when the valve is closed. Once the tank is empty, the pump will switch off automatically, in order to prevent dry running. To prevent cycling on and off due to movement of the boat, the tank must register full for a while before the pump out commences.
The waste water control panel is supplied without pump, valve or level sensor.

Key Features

  • Voltage : 12 or 24 Volt
  • Panel in stand-by : 4 mA
  • Electric pump : 10 A max
  • Remotely controlled ball valve : 5 A max
  • External alarm : 1 A max
  • Level sensor to be connected : WSENSORA or SENSORA
  • Panel dimensions : 85 x 85 mm
  • Build in depth : 40 mm

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