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So changeable - are we able to get ready yet?

Here are a couple of views from our Burnham showroom over the weekend which shows just how different every day is at the moment. On Friday it was glorious and definitely a day to think about getting the boat prepared and by the following day...

What you can't see from this image is the unfortunate sinking of an international dragon. If you look really closely the mast is just poking out.

With it being so difficult to make the call on when to work on the boat , our advice is to get your list together. Without doubt, as soon as the weather breaks you will want to get on with things and there is nothing worse than finding that all of your gear is dried up, out of date or in a poor condition. Sit down and work through a list of everything you need to do, set priorities and send us your list so that we an put a package together and get it out to you in readiness for the rush to get back in.

There are some great offers about (particularly on flares) so give us a bell or email us to see how we can help to prepare your season.

See you on the water

Mick Hill
Mick Hill