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Paddling - but where?

We are very into stand up paddle boarding having had boards in our families for a few years now. We will be selling them and hope to also have boards and different blades/paddles that you can come down and try. The latest inflatables are really good - our resident SUP experts (paddlers for years) are just sifting through all of the different brands to decide on the best range to have. We will let you know about them as soon as possible and tell you more about the Wetworks SUP club/team we are intending to create.

In the meantime, to enhance those SUP muscles, whilst also getting into a sport which is absolutely fantastic - have a look at our land paddling video that we shot last week out on the Burnham Marshes. As part of our growth into The Outdoorworks we will also be selling long boards and land paddles and as usual will continuously scour these sports for new ideas.

Land paddling is a pleasurable sport that also provides a great work out. The video shows one of our younger guys (who is a bit good on a board) and one of the Wetworks founders who, at the ripe old age of 55 loves this sport so much he now comes to work this way.

Enjoy the film and get in touch if you want to learn more about the SUP activity or land paddling.

P.S. Look out for our kayak activity - great new toys on the way.

See you on the water

Chris Witham
Chris Witham