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METS Trade Show - November 2015

Welcome to WETWORKS and our new Website. The Wetworks is a full marine solutions company focussed on providing both technical and educational assistance to our clients. Our job is to help you through the myriad of products and services to ensure that you have the best time on the water. Were here to help and as part of our offer we constantly go out into the world to find new products and ideas to make your experience right up to date and even more enjoyable. We have just got back from Europe’s biggest trade show in Holland (METS TRADE) where we have seen some really great kit. See our latest post below to find out more.


Having just collapsed in our armchairs from a gruelling two day marathon from visiting the largest European Trade Show in Amsterdam and with sore feet and legs that feel like they have just completed four marathons, and tongues that now need a rest, its time to reflect on the new exciting products that we came across that will make there way onto our website as soon as humanely possible.

The great news is an English product won the prestigious METS DAME award for best product called LUME ON by Spinlock, this simple but effective product turns the humble lifejacket bladder into a fully glowing, flashing item, making it so much easier to be seen in the water night or day. A must for every lifejacket. This is already on our site in the Safety and Wizzy Bits section.

Also this grabbed our attention, the KEEL CRAB an incredible product that cleans the underneath of the boat via a portable visual display that gives you full control of the cleaning procedure and will save hundreds of ££££££££’s in lift out and scrubs. Available to purchase or via our BOAT BUTLER service which offers a full VALET SERVICE at any level to help maintain your boat contact us for details.

The S.O.S RECOVERY LADDER caught our eye, another METS nominated product that aids recovery of a person back onto a boat, for those who don’t have bathing platforms this is certainly a must. In fact there is now a legal requirement for you to have a ladder that extends into the water – we will be covering this point and some other new legislation (such as engine fire requirements) in a future blog.

Marlecs new RUTLAND 1200 Windcharger looked impressive and with its new silent wind blades and higher output, for those of you on swinging moorings or that extended trip this is well worth a look at. Duomarins HANDSUPP mooring line holder look great and will appear in our up and coming video called “BERTH CONTROL”.

RAINMAN Water Makers grabbed our attention in more ways they one. Sleek design and ease of use these guys have turned this market place upside down, at last a product that is user friendly and does what it says on the box. No more complicated jargon just a great product.

All the products mentioned will make it onto our products listing once we have established the full detailing and availability. Just keep an eye out for them

Looking forward to bringing you more blog posts in the near future. Let us know if there is any particular area you would like us to research.

The Wetworks Team

Dave Somers
Dave Somers