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See you at the show

So only a few days to go and The Wetworks will be exhibiting at the London Boat Show - stand DO41.

As you can see from the headline banner pictures on the site we will have a number of products not seen in the UK before from the magnificent Rainman water maker to the innovative and fun Freewheeling propellor. 

If you haven't seen the Freewheeling video, we have added it to this blog. Yes, filmed from an iPhone - so quality not the best, but it gets the message over we hope. It is quite surprising how quickly it moves the boat. It was a very windy day and with Mick's large frame and a raised bow into the breeze it was probably more difficult than normal. But once straight it was great. Imagine this on flat water, for kids messing about safely, fishermen, kayakers etc. We love it.

What the film also represents is the beginning of a series of films we will be producing under 'The Wetworks Way' banner. These will be educational, we will product test, demonstrate new ideas and invite questions that we can look into and then produce a film as to the answer. We have our own boats also which includes a  Jenneau 379, a Hunter 707, Flying Fifteen and several other crafts from ribs and kayaks to SUPs and windsurfers. These will be available for testing kit, try a sail and learning throughout the year. If you want to learn more send us an email and we will get back to you.

We're pretty excited about the show as it will be the first time we are there. Lots of our friends will be coming along, hopefully you will too and we can kick off a long term client relationship.

See you there, or on the water,

The Wetworks


Mick Hill
Mick Hill